Boxing Day 2016 ♡ ft. Breakfast at Jamaica Blue & New MacBook Air

Enjoyed the first day of my Christmas & New Year holiday by waking up earlier than normal, firstly had breakfast at Jamaica Blue, my all time favourite cafe (they make the best coffee and I love their cute animals coffee arts!) and then I visited four stores, **FOUR STORES** driving in and out of Auckland trying to buy a MacBook Air...

Due to the Boxing Day sales and MacBook Air being so affordable today, every Noel Leeming stores I have visited today says they have sold out the device by 10am! It was during lunch time that I decided I wanted to buy one for blogging purpose, and I did end up buying one, just not as affordable as Noel Leeming, but I'm happy anyway ~ ^-^

 Jamaica Blue Cappuccino 
 Jamaica Blue Avocado Smash with Maple Bacon
MacBook Air

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